Big Changes: Blog Rebranding



Hey Guys, 

I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the last half hour trying to figure out exactly how to word this. I’ve been feeling unhappy with my blog for a while now. Well no, not unhappy, thats the wrong word… perhaps uneasy? I just have this feeling that I have outgrown this particular blog. I’ve been blogging on and off ever since I was 14, this blog was my 4th blog and the one I stuck with for the longest and indeed my most successful. started almost 3 years ago (it was back then but that’s one hellova mouthful!) It started at a time when I was seriously unhappy with my life and I used it as a distraction. My little escape from life. 

I’m no longer unhappy and no longer want this blog to be an escape from my life, I want it to be about loving life and embracing life. Ugh that sounds so cheesy, right? I hope you know what I mean. I’ve been moving towards this new theme for a while, some of my older followers may have noticed that since the start of 2015 I’ve started writing more lifestyle posts, sharing my little adventures with you guys. These posts have been so well received which makes me so happy! However, the name of my blog is still but I no longer want to write about just fashion, I don’t want to feel constricted by that name. 

A lot of things are changing in my life at the moment, the biggest being that I’m starting another degree in September. So I figured since everything else is changing then why not change my blog as well? I didn’t want to scrap this blog and start from scratch. That would be crazy right?! I’ve worked so hard and I do still love this little blog and I’m still super proud of it. So think of this as a rebranding, a blog 2.0. In a few days if you try to access you will find a maintenance screen whilst I’m working my magic. Then on September 7th I will relaunch! Everything will be shiny and new. New name, new layout, exciting new content. Guys Im so excited about this, I seriously can’t wait! 

I know that I’m going to lose some traffic and followers to start with but I hope that most of you will stick around. It may be a little confusing for a while as all my social media handles and email address will be changing but I will try my hardest to keep you all informed. I’ll be using the hashtag #TheOutCrowdRebrand so keep an eye out for updates :) 

I hope this post makes sense and I haven’t rambled too much and bored you to tears. I just wanted to let you all know what I have planned rather than just disappearing and then randomly reappearing with a new blog. Let me know what you think of my plans to rebrand. Have you ever done anything similar with your blog? Have you any suggestions or tips? Let me know! 

Love from JJ2


Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2015

Hey Guys, 

I think sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in such a fun and vibrant city as Bristol. I think I take for granted all the wonderful experiences that this amazing city offers me. For example it dawned on me yesterday, whilst lying in the grass, sipping cider and watching dozens of hot air balloons drifting over my head, that not everyone has grown up watching 100 balloons take off simultaneously. Weird. My staple summer activity is actually a pretty unique event. In fact Bristol international balloon fiesta is the biggest hot air balloon event in Europe! I’ve attended the balloon fiesta almost every year since I was 3 years old. It’s always marked in my calendar and for me is the epitome of summer good vibes. I have so many amazing memories from this festival throughout the years. It’s familiar and just one of those things I’ve always done but when I actually stop to think about it the festival is actually pretty spectacular.

Like I said I usually attend the festival every year and this year was no exception. Dave and I spent Friday and Saturday at the festival. We were originally planning on camping in the field next door to the festival but to be honest we only live 20 mins away and the lure of our bed was too tempting so we simply trekked back home every night. Friday night we watched the mass ascension in the evening and then spent some time (and money!) trying to win prizes on some of the many fairground games. Dave eventually won me a little unicorn which I now love :) 








Saturday was one of the hottest days of the summer and so was perfect for the festival. We started the day off by meeting up with some friends and then explored some of the many stalls dotted around. I somehow ended up becoming a member of Greenpeace and signing up to volunteer at a local cat and dogs home! We then spent the rest of the day sat on the grass in front of the jelli-records music stage. It was so lovely to just kick back in the grass and chill out whilst listening to some awesome music. Dave and I both love live music, especially by unsigned artists so this was probably our perfect way to spend the day. From our spot in front of the stage we also had a good view of the balloons and the amazing acrobatic plane show too. 












Later in the evening we watched the ‘night glow’, where they light up the balloons in time to music. It’s always pretty fun to watch and they finished it off with some amazing fireworks. It was a nightmare trying to get home as so many people were all leaving at once. Apparently more people attended than ever before this year. We certainly noticed that it got crazy busy in the afternoon, I’m talking hour long queues for the toilets! Some people were seriously moaning on Twitter which I think was a little unfair. I still had an amazing time despite the crowds and will keep coming back year after year. 







Thank you Bristol balloon fiesta, you were amazing as always. See you again next year 😉 

Love from JJ2



Pom poms and plaid

Hey Guys,

This is the last of the outfit posts featuring my old brown hair, whoop! All outfit posts from now on will have my lovely blue mermaid hair, Yay! 

plaid shirt and shorts

pom pom shorts casual outfit

casual plaid shirt outfit

pom pom shorts


Plaid shirt – SheInside // Bitchin crop top – Batoko // Pom pom shorts – Yoins // Jelly shoes – Primark 

This is my current fave casual outfit, what you will usually find me wearing day to day. To me plaid shirts are a real style staple as there are so many different ways to wear them. I like to wear mine layered over a cool t-shirt like I’m doing here or sometimes tied around the waist with a pretty dress can also look pretty cool. I’m also wearing these shorts to death, but can you blame me? They are the stuff fashion dreams are made of. Although I would suggest you size up if you buy a pair of these as they are quite small, unless you don’t mind showing a little booty of course! 😉 

Love from JJ2

The neon skater skirt

Hey Guys, 

I’ve just realised the last few outfit posts have been very monochrome so I think it’s time to inject some colour back into the blog! 

neon skater skirt

Neon strawberry skirt and bag

Neon green skater skirt

Primark strawberry bag


Skirt, shoes & bag – Primark // Top –

How perfect is this neon green skater skirt?! I bought this for £6 in Primark. It is the perfect summer skirt of my dreams. Also let’s all appreciate how adorable this little strawberry bag is! 

Love from JJ2

July 2015 Monthly Summary

Hey Guys, 

July has been a looong month. At least it feels that way for me. I’m not complaining, I’ve loved every second of it! Here’s what I’ve been up to this month. 

July 15 July 15 collage 2 July 15 photo summary selfie and shoes


1. Hike around a nature reserve // 2. Charity raft race // 3. The most amazing veggie burger // 4. The beautiful view from our holiday chalet // 5. My little bird friend // 6. Boat trip around St. Ives // 7. Wine on holiday // 8. Bristol Gay Pride festival // 9. I bought so many clothes in the Missguided sale // 10. Rocking my new outfit for a friends birthday party // 11. Selfie before my friends engagement party // 12. 1000 followers! // 13. Rocking my space dress for a summer BBQ // 14. Another fierce pair of shoes

I love writing these posts every month as it lets me relive all the fantastic things I did throughout the month. July certainly was eventful. I really need to get better at taking pictures of the things I’m actually doing rather than just endless selfies of what I’m wearing! #bloggerproblems

I kicked off July with a hike around a local nature reserve. Dave and I had a wonderful time exploring our local area, we walked 10.5km! It was such a hot day but was a really lovely and different way to spend time together. The next day I took part in a charity raft race that takes place every year at the lake in our town. I entered with my work colleagues and we came last in every race! Probably because we didn’t train at all, who knew rowing around a lake would take so much effort?! Despite loosing pathetically we managed to raise a HUGE amount of money. In fact we raised a lot more than most of the big companies who were taking part, we raised more than Sainsburys! We also had a crazy amount of fun. This pic was taken after we finished the race and were enjoying a well earned beer! 

After the raft race Dave and I got the train down to Cornwall where we met my dad and sister and enjoyed a wonderful holiday. You can read all about it here and here

For the rest of the month I spent a lot of time celebrating with friends. I attended birthday meals, engagement parties and a housewarming BBQ. I love spending my time surrounded by our lovely friends especially when we have so much to celebrate. 

I also reached 1000 Bloglovin‘ followers this month which was amazing! I’m so happy. Thank you guys! I’m organising a giveaway for you all soon so make sure you enter for a chance to win some goodies that I’ve chosen especially for my lovely readers :) 

Love from JJ2

The Ted Baker Bag


Hey Guys, 

First things first, I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for following me. I love you guys! I recently hit 1000 Bloglovin’ followers and wow it feels good! I’m currently organising a little giveaway for you all as a way to say thank you. Keep an eye out for that this weekend 😉

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot lately and what I want from it. I’ve always thought of my little space on the internet as just a hobby for myself. I’ve never taken it too seriously or really payed much attention to stats, followers or page views. In fact I’ll let you in on a little secret, until recently I’ve pretty much been functioning under the idea that no one ever actually reads this blog. This is mostly because the idea of REAL people really reading and following actually really freaks me out. Like OMG so much pressure! However, the time has come for me to take my head out of the sand and actually admit that there are people out there reading what I have to say. Sooo… I’ve been thinking about what I could do to improve my blog for you guys, the readers. I know that there are a lot of ways that the out crowd could be so much better if I just put in a little bit of time and effort. Over the next few months I’m going to be putting more effort into my photography, my writing style and sticking to a regular post schedule along with a few other tweaks here and there. I may even revamp my layout a little. It’s all for you guys so if you have any suggestions or requests for posts etc. then drop me a line. I love it when you guys get in touch! 

Anyway, enough of me rambling! Today I wanted to share with you my beautiful new Ted Baker clutch bag. This bag is seriously dreamboatin! Everything from the pastel pink colour to the rose gold hardware to the beautiful dragonfly lining is pure girly perfection. Heart eyed emoji! Mine was a birthday gift from my BFF but I managed to find a pretty similar one from ASOS that you can buy here. There’s not much more I can say, other than this has become a firm favourite in my wardrobe, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Pink ted baker clutch bag

ted baker rose gold bow

ted baker rose gold bow bad

Ted baker clutch bag

Inside ted baker bag

dragonfly lining


Love from JJ2

Missguided haul + wishlist

Hey Guys, 

Today I wanted to share with you a few things I have been buying lately. It’s been a while since I wrote a haul post.

Missguided are without a doubt one of my all time favourite online retailers. They make clothes to die for. Over the last couple of weeks they have been having the most epic sale. If you haven’t already then you need to check it out immediately! There are so many bargains!  I’ll admit I’ve been really bad and bought absolutely loads but most of these items only cost me £4 or £5 so I can kind of justify the spending, right? Maybe not but life’s too short to wear boring clothes 😉 

Here are a few things that I just couldn’t resist snapping up

Missguided haul july 2015


  1. Neon green shorts
  2. Pink PVC midi skirt
  3. Black buckle mules
  4. Racer bodysuit
  5. Lime long sleeve crop top
  6. Lilac bodysuit
  7. Black cleated mules
  8. Coral crossover blouse
  9. Lilac shorts 

I also bought a really cute space print dress which unfortunately no longer seems to be available on the website, so heres a pic from my Instagram 

Space print dressI still have a huge never ending wishlist on my missguided account. I want all the things guys, ALL THE THINGS! In particular I am obsessed with the maxi shirt dress and holographic platform boots, and how cute is the cropped blouse too? 

Missguided wishlist July 2015

1. Wrap front jersey top 

2. Holographic platform boots

3. Cropped blouse

4. Floral print skirt

5. Maxi shirt dress

6. Off the shoulder jumper dress

Love from JJ2

Body Jewellery Shop Ear Cuffs

Hey Guys, 

I bet you never realised how difficult it is to take a picture of your own ear, I certainly didn’t until I tried to take pictures for this post!

Today I am going to review some ear cuffs that were kindly gifted to me by Body Jewellery Shop*. They offered to send me some earpiercing jewellery to review and so after browsing their large selection of earrings and ear cuffs I chose three pretty ear cuffs for myself. 

The first is this silver ear cuff. Which simply clips on to the top of your ear and when worn looks like you have multiple piercings. I’ve been thinking of getting a few more piercings on my ears for a while so this was a fun way to see what it would look like. The cuff was easy to put on and stayed in place all night when I wore it out to a party. I really like the way it looks as it is quite subtle and compliments my tattoo nicely I think. 

body jewellery shop ear cuff

body jewellery shop review


The second is this AMAZING spiders web ear cuff. I absolutely adore this design! It is incredible. It was a little tricky to put on at first as it sort of clips on over the top of your ear and then again at the side to keep it in place. I was really worried about losing this one when I wore it out but again it stayed on all night so gets top points for that. However, it did make my ear feel a bit sore when I eventually took it off. 

body jewellery shop spider web cuff

Ear cuff review

Spidersweb ear cuff


Lastly I chose this adorable little dragonfly cuff. It’s so darling and dinky and only costs £2.49! Unfortunately, it was a bit big for my ear and wouldn’t clip on properly which is a real shame as it is super cute. Damn my tiny ears! 

Dragonfly ear cuff


Body Jewellery Shop has a huge range of earpiercing jewellery, There are a ton of different styles and piercings to chose from so you should definitely check them out if you want decent ear piercing jewellery at an affordable price. 

Love from JJ2


*The items in this post were kindly sent to me for review. For my full disclosure policy click here


You’re the s***!

Hey Guys,

As you can see I’m still working my way through all the posts I’ve had saved to my drafts folder. This one has been hanging around for a while, in fact I first bought this dress a year ago! Now it’s finally getting it’s own space on the blog. Warning: You may find this dress a little bit controversial!

 ootd 042

ootd 041

ootd 036

ootd 037

ootd 040

ootd 039

ootd 043

Dress – Missguided // Shoes – Topshop 

I suppose half the reason I have been holding off on publishing this post is that I know it will offend some people. Sorry if you are offended by curse words. I guess I must have been feeling particularly edgy the day I purchased this dress. I have to admit I don’t really wear it out in public. The few occasions I have worn it have been to house parties with close friends who I know won’t mind the swearing. I’m clearly not half as punk rock as I like to think I am! haha!

Despite all that, I actually do really like this dress. The tunic shape of it is new for me, I don’t own anything else this shape but it is a lot more flattering than I expected. The dress is made from neoprene which is quite unusual for a dress but I’m actually a big fan of neoprene as a material. I have a couple of neoprene dresses now (here and here) and I love them all. It’s also nice to have a white dress that doesn’t go see through!

What do you think? Is it ok to wear clothes with curse words on? I’m conflicted! 

Love from JJ2



6 ways I could be a better grown up

IMG_0146Hey Guys

Do you ever just feel like you need to get your s*** together? Maybe I’m having a mid-twenties crisis. That’s a thing right? I guess I just thought I would have life figured out by the time I turned 25. Well that hasn’t happened, I have no idea how to be an adult and basically still function like an 18 year old. For example right now it’s 2pm on a Saturday and I’m sitting here in my Bambi pyjamas eating cookies. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to stop dying my hair pastel colours or give up my unicorn collection anytime soon! However, it would be nice if I could sort myself out just a little bit, you know?

Here’s a list of 6 ways I could be better at adulting:

1. Get up early and do Pilates.

 I am NOT a morning person! Never have been. I have a terrible habit of staying in bed until about half hour before I have to leave for work and then frantically trying to get ready and inevitably ending up being late for work. Even if I don’t have to be there until 10 I’ll still be hitting snooze on my alarm at 9.25. Don’t judge me, I just really love my bed ok! I really want to start getting up earlier; eat a proper breakfast, enjoy a cup of tea, take a shower that lasts longer than 5 mins, maybe actually apply some makeup. That kind of thing. It would also be a miracle if I could actually get up early enough to do my daily pilates workout because frankly working out when I get home from work at 9pm kind of sucks.

2. Eat clean

This is something I kind of do on and off. I’m a huge fan of healthy eating, it makes me feel so good and to be honest processed foods really freak me out. Ever since we moved in to a flat directly above a row of takeaways I’ve gotten into some very bad habits! Seriously guys, there is a pizza place, chip shop, chinese and indian takeaway all downstairs! They all smell so good when I’m coming home from work and am too tired to cook. No matter how much the idea of hydrogenated fats totally disgusts me sometimes the temptation just gets too much, and by sometimes I mean at least once a week (insert awkward monkey emoji here) I really need to stop this and stick to eating proper grown up food. You know like quinoa and kale and stuff.

3. Have a proper skincare routine

I’m 25 and I still wake up with panda eyes every morning because I can’t be bothered to take my makeup off the night before. It’s disgusting. I’ve always been lucky to have quite good skin but lately I feel like it needs some tlc. Like it’s screaming at me “For gods sake woman take off your makeup and put on some damn night cream!”

4. Remove nail polish

I’m 25 and I still walk around with chipped nails it’s not classy, it’s not grown up and there’s no excuse. Sort it out JJ! IMG_6020

5. Stick to my blog schedule

 I’ve never been good at posting regularly. Sometimes I can put out 4 or 5 posts a week and then other times I don’t blog for weeks on end. Not good. I’ve currently got all my posts planned out for the next two months and I really want to stick to this schedule. Even if it is just to prove to myself that I am capable of some kind of organisation. 

6. Be more organised with my social life

I’m so bad for making plans and then forgetting I’ve made them and then double booking myself. Basically I’m just not very organised at anything. I’ve just bought a cute page a day diary from Paperchase in an attempt to organise my life a little better so fingers crossed!

So that’s my list. Do you ever feel like you need to grow up? What would be on your list?


Love from JJ2