Patterned trousers

Hey Guys,

These are the last of the pics that I took at my old place. Please excuse the crappy picture quality, I think I must have been in a rush and didn’t set up my camera properly, Boo!

may 14 073 edit may 14 074 edit may 14 075 edit may 14 072 editTrousers – Primark // Shoes – Boutique // Top – Cage City

These are my new favourite trousers and I’ve been wearing them loads! I love the pattern and and the colours, they are very bright and definitely eye catching.

Sorry it’s such a short post today as I am about to go furniture shopping with the fella. How very grown up of us :)

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Another mini haul

Hey Guys,

I have a mini haul post for you today, I went shopping for the first time in ages last week and here’s what I bought.

haul 013 edit

haul 020 edit I am sooo in love with these shoes! They have been very popular over on my Instagram account too. I was walking past Bank and spotted these in the window, they had been reduced to only £20. I couldn’t resist and there was only one pair left in my size so I snapped them up. I adore white shoes at the moment and I just love the chunky sole. haul 015 editThese cut off shorts are from Primark for £5. I already have a pair in pink but I loved them so much I picked up these in blue.  haul 029 editBlack trainers from New Look. Not very exciting but I needed some black shoes for work. I always go to New Look for work shoes because they are inexpensive but don’t fall apart straight away like other cheap shoes.  haul 026 editI am so excited to try these out! The rose conditioner is specially created for dyed hair and actually adds a touch of pink to your hair. I also picked up this resurrection mask as I am always looking for ways to treat my dyed hair. haul 027 editAnother boring purchase. We are currently transforming our second bedroom into a dressing room and I’ve only just realised exactly how many clothes I have. We keep running out of clothes hangers so I bought this pack of 10 velvet hangers for £4 from Primark.

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Henry Holland Playsuit

Hey Guys,

Hope you all had an awesome weekend and Monday wasn’t to hard on you! I’ve just come back from a weekend away in London with some friends. We had a great time and since the weather was so fantastic we made the most of it by visiting some superb rooftop bars across the city before ending up dancing the night away in a club in Soho. We were in London all day Saturday and stayed out well into the early hours of Sunday morning. I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable enough to trek across the city in but would also be dressy enough to wear to the club later on. I opted for this beautiful playsuit.

June 039 edit June 035 edit June 033 edit June 030 edit June 037 edit June 046 edit June 044 editPlaysuit – H! by Henry Holland // Flatform sandals – River Island // Kimono – Primark // Backpack – Primark

Can you believe this is the first playsuit I have ever owned?! shocking, I know :) I’m pretty sure my friends are getting sick of the sight of it as I have pretty much worn it every weekend for the past month. I absolutely adore it! The all over heart print is so adorable and the cotton is soft and lightweight making this really easy to wear. It is so comfortable. I also think the tie at the waist is a nice touch as it creates a more flattering silhouette. I don’t know why I waited so long to buy a playsuit but after becoming so enthralled with this one I think I will definitely be investing in a few more soon.

Here I have teamed my playsuit with this cute pink crochet kimono, which I picked up in Primark for just £7. I think they had the same style in a few different colours and I would definitely recommend picking one up if like me you are a big fan of kimonos. I am also wearing my super cool pink holographic flatform sandals from River Island. They still amaze me every time I wear them. In my opinion, the perfect summer shoe.

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Lifestyle // New home

Hey Guys,

Last month Dave and I moved into our new flat. It’s all I’ve been talking about for months so I am sorry if you are sick of hearing about it! It’s a big deal for us as it is the first time we have lived together alone rather than in a shared house or with our parents.

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can ever do and I can definitely agree with that. The weeks leading up to the move were pretty tough but luckily the actual moving day was smooth sailing. We were very lucky to have a lot of our family and friends offer to help out.

There is still a lot of work to do before we can say that the flat is finished and done how we want it. So far the kitchen is finished and the living room is almost done but our two bedrooms are still a mess!

June 076 edit June 078 edit June 079 June 082Bread bin and pots set – Argos // Matching kettle and toaster – Argos 

June 074 editGrandfather clock wall sticker – Ikea

June 070 edit June 072 editPug cushion – Next

June 101Scratch off world map poster – Not on the

I will post more pics as the flat comes together. I am planning on converting our spare room into a kind of walk-in-wardrobe so you can expect a post on that coming soon.

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Club Tropicana

Hey Guys,

I’m actually feeling really unwell today :( I’m currently writing this whilst snuggled up on the sofa in my pyjamas so I’m gonna make it short and sweet…

may 14 052 edit may 14 056edit may 14 066 edit may 14 059 edit may 14 068 editTop – Primark // Shorts – New Look // Shoes – Boutique

I absolutely love tropical print at the moment, aren’t these colours gorgeous? This top was only £4 from Primark. It is loose fitting and slightly sheer. They actually have a few different designs/patterns available in this style. I would say it is well worth picking up a couple.

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Daisy dress

Hey Guys,

Happy hump day!

may 14 031edit may 14 024 edit may 14 023 edit may 14 027 edit may 14 033 edit may 14 020 edit may 14 034 editDress – TK Maxx // Shoes – Boutique // Bag – Vintage

I love this dress so much!!! I didn’t mean to buy it, my boyfriend went into town with his friends and I tagged along for the ride. I mooched around the shops whilst the boys did whatever the hell boys do when they go shopping (???) I wasn’t intending to actually buy anything but when I saw this dress I couldn’t resist. It was only £16 which I think is a total bargain.

I have been referring to this dress as my daisy dress but actually looking at it now, I don’t think the flowers are daisies at all. Every year loads of floral dresses hit the stores in time for spring/summer. I’m a big fan of floral but lately I feel like it has been getting a little samey…

Meryl Streep floralsHowever, this dress caught my eye because I feel like it is a slightly different take on the floral trend. I like the simplicity of the flower print, and of course you can never go wrong with monochrome. The buttons up the front give it a slight 90′s vibe and the caging at the back is stunning. I always love dresses that can go from day to night and this is definitely one of those. Here I have teamed it with some chunky heels in forest green just to add a little splash of colour. Did I mention these heels only cost me £2.50! I love a bargain :)

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Parental Advisory

Hey Guys,

I took these photos absolutely ages ago! They are part of a set of photos I took before we moved but never got round to posting, so I am posting them now :)

Sweatshirt and boyfriend jeans parental advisory sweatshirt Alexander Wang dupe parental advisory parental advisory mesh sweatshirt parental advisory mesh sweatshirt Alexander Wang sweatshirt dupeSweater – SheInside // Jeans – Primark // Shoes – Boutique

I think this must have been the first time I have worn jeans in about 4 years. I’m really not a big jeans fan but lately I have spotted a few styles I like. I decided to try a cheap pair from Primark before I committed to buying any expensive Topshop jeans. I chose these ripped boyfriend jeans with an all over flower print. They are fine I guess, jeans don’t really excite me so there isn’t a lot I can say about them. I’m glad I chose to try a cheap pair first as I have decided that I still don’t like wearing jeans. I just find them too constricting and uncomfortable. This pair are now only worn for cleaning and housework and I’m very glad I didn’t splash out for a more expensive pair!

This fun sweatshirt is from Sheinside and is actually the first thing I have ever bought from them. Obviously it’s a dupe of the Alexander Wang parental advisory sweatshirt but only cost me £15 which is way more budget friendly than the £835 price tag for the real thing! As far as dupes go it is pretty decent. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to the mesh and so won’t be wearing this top again (boo!) but I’m sure it would be fine for someone who doesn’t have such sensitive skin.

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Hey Guys,

This is my first outfit post in absolutely ages! It’s also my first post from my new flat, woohoo! I took these photos in my new bedroom which has so much more space and light than my old room so hopefully it will be easier to take good quality pics from here on.

Motel off shoulder skater dress Motel fluro flower dress Motel catalina dress Motel Rocks off shoulder dress Motel fluro flower Motel skater dress Pandora braceletDress – Motel Rocks// Shoes – River Island // Bracelet – Pandora

Today I am wearing this utterly gorgeous off shoulder skater dress from Motel. This is actually the first item I have ever owned from Motel, which must make me a terrible fashion blogger because every other blogger seems to own a million Motel dresses, ha! I received this dress as a birthday present from my sister (it was my birthday 2 weeks ago) and I have worn it loads since then. I was really surprised to get this dress. About a month before my birthday my sis and I were in town and I spotted this dress in the window of a boutique called BS8 in Bristol. I mentioned to my sister how much I loved it but we were busy so didn’t have time to go into the store. I cant believe she remembered it and went back to get it for me. It was such a nice surprise.

I feel like this dress was made for me, it fits my style so perfectly. The photos don’t really do it justice, the colours are so bright and neon it just looks fantastic. I really love the off the shoulder style, I think I may have to invest in a few more off the shoulder dresses :) I am finding the dress to be really versatile, I have worn it out on an evening as well as more casually during the day. I always love clothes that go from day to night, that’s a big selling point for me. The only downside is that it is quite loose around the waist whereas I prefer my dresses to be a little tighter, but it is only a minor issue. I will probably find a skinny belt to go round the waist just to pull it in a little. This is a size small which I think is probably the equivalent of a size 10, I usually wear a size 8 so may go for an XS next time I buy from Motel.

I also need to talk about these amazeballs flatform sandals from River Island. I have literally been obsessing over these shoes for months and was so happy when my parents bought them for my birthday. unfortunately I forgot to take a close up pic of them (boo!) so you can’t really see them too well in these photos. They are metallic pink and have a huge platform, which I love. They are so comfy and I can walk around in them all day which is a huge plus as I usually struggle with flat shoes.

I am also wearing my brand new Pandora bracelet which was a gift from my mummy :)

I hope you enjoyed this ootd post. Please leave a comment if you did. I’ve had such a long break from blogging I’m wondering if I still have any readers left!

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